Scholarly work written for completion of an MA in Arts & Cultural Management at King's College London and a BA in dance and English at Loyola Marymount University

Ballet's gender

inequality issue

This paper for King's College London examines the broader issue of inequalities in the cultural and creative industries by exploring the gender inequalities in ballet.

This MA dissertation for King's College London studied older adult dance classes in the London context, through Rambert Dance Company's 'Mim's Movers' programme.

This paper for King's College London is a critical analysis of employing cultural institutions and iconic architecture in urban renewal strategies, with particular attention to these institutions’ effects on place branding, tourism, and promotion.

The challenges and opportunities of

older adult dance

Architecture &

cultural regeneration

in Los Angeles

Making dance

accessible for all

This essay for King's College London examines the perception that dance is inaccessible to many demographics and how to increase audience diversity.

This essay for King's College London examines how far can arts marketers can utilise the theories of cultural capital and cultural omnivorousness to grow and retain audiences.

This paper for King's College London takes El Paso, Texas as case study to explore how the cultural and artistic landscape at this part of the U.S./Mexico border has been affected by cultural resilience, cultural imperialism, and cosmopolitanism.

Arts marketing &

cultural capital

Cultural diplomacy

& border art