dance with khayla

college dance prep for high school dancers

For high school dancers wondering 'what's next?', these fully customizable workshops with Khayla include technique, choreography, a Q&A, and take-home materials with info about dance beyond high school.


Khayla is uniquely positioned to offer her knowledge about dancing in college, professionally in Los Angeles and outside the US, and how your dance skills can translate into a career outside of performing.  


Fully customizable to your specific needs beforehand, these workshops can range from one hour, to multiple sessions, or day-long intensives.

Email Khayla for rates, questions, and availability below: 

private/group lessons & Choreography

Khayla has years of experience teaching ages 5+ in private and group settings, as well as choreographing for various dance competitions and crews. Styles available for lessons and choreography include:






Jazz funk


Drill team

Email Khayla for rates, questions, and availability below: