EIGHT essential props for working out during quarantine

Put down the cans of beans and pillows - we're going to be here a while, so it's time to get serious about outfitting your at-home workout kit.

This list includes all the essentials you'll need for a full-body home workout - foam rollers, bands, balls, and more! Click the links, put them in your Amazon cart, and create the perfect in-home workout kit with only these few items. (But also, if you're not in the position to buy props right now, I absolutely understand - I've also noted the household items you can substitute for these props when applicable!)

1) Yoga Tune-Up Balls

These are the quintessential balls for rolling out/warming up your back, glutes, feet, and more. I take them with me on airplanes, long car rides, and generally try to use every day as either the start or end to my workout. SUB WITH: Tennis balls

2) 36" Foam Roller

I'm serious that if I ever got stranded on a deserted island and only had one prop with me I'd hope it was a foam roller. This one I've had since college is long enough to fit along your whole spine so you can use it to open up your chest + do some awesome ab or lower body exercises. A jack of all trades! PS: if you want a more expensive, tougher trigger point roller, go for this one.

3) Pilates Overball

Ah, the Pilates ball. This little guy is great for ab work, chest releasing, or putting between your legs to help activate your inner thighs and pelvic floor. The possibilities are endless. SUB WITH: pillows

4) Magic Circle

Also fondly called the 'circle of death' or 'ring of fire' by some of my Pilates clients. This version of the Magic Circle (also called a Pilates ring) from Balanced Body is my favorite because of its sturdiness, plus it comes with an informational DVD of exercises. A great tool for inner/outer thighs and arm work.

5) Small Resistance Bands

This package of 5 resistance bands means you can vary your resistance as you get stronger, or between your upper and lower body. You'll take any at-home exercise next level as you add resistance to your bodyweight training. Also, if you hate how the rubber slips, try these fabric elastic bands instead. SUB WITH: Tying leggings/tights around your legs

6) Therabands

The only two Therabands you'll ever need in my opinion, the two different colors are technically medium and heavy tension. Use them for a hamstring stretch, or arms, abs, and glute work during your home mat workout. SUB WITH: A long towel, leggings/tights, or pantyhouse

7) Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

These ankle weights from Amazon and the Tone-y-Band wrist weights are my favorite for streamlined weights to add a burn to any at-home, bodyweight workout! SUB WITH: For upper body, hold cans or bottles / for lower body, wear shoes!

8) Yoga block

Sometimes you need a little help in your at-home yoga classes. Stretch and move safely with these blocks - I suggest two! SUB WITH: stacks of books, or the 7th Harry Potter book

There you have it! The essential props for creating your personal in-home workout kit. Have any other props you love? Let me know! Now grab your foam roller and try this workout with me.

~ Peace, love, and stretch your hip flexors! xo, Khay